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Dr. Shabbir M. Hashim practices Dentistry in Toledo, Ohio at Toledo Dental Arts, which he founded in 1994.

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Although Dr. Hashim is a proigy of long line of physicians, he decided to persue the dental field.  As he continued with the educational path, he discovered power of making a difference in peoples lives with changing their smiles and treating the conditions in the mouth.

The more he learned about the advances in dentistry, the higher his passion grew.  "There is sea of knowledge and we have explored but a drop."  

Dr. Hashim enjoys learing from his collegues and sharing his pracitcal experiences with his collegues and the public.  "The dental profession has given me many opportunities and I feel a sense of obligation to give back to the profession." Hence, Dr. Hashim is involved with  the local Toledo Dental Society and the Ohio Dental Association to strive to further advance the dental profession and promote oral health. 

​Dr. Hashim enjoys talking to the public about dental conditions.  Even non-patients are welcome for discussion of their oral conditions and may take advantage of the resources he has accumulated.  

Profile of Dr. Hashim

The purpose of this site is to outline the credentials of Dr. Hashm for the referance of his patients and collegues. Also, to share important resources with his patients and collegues.  

Dr, Hashim grew up in Fremont, Ohio and graduated from Fremont Ross High School in 1979. He continued college education at Kent State University and continued his undergraduate education at Ohio State University, where he received his bachelor's degree in 1984. He then joined the College of Dentistry at OSU for the doctorate program. After receiving his Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1989, he completed two years in post-doctorate training in Advanced General Dentistry Residency at the University Hospitals and College of Dentistry at Ohio State University.

​For the past 20 years, Dr. Hashim has practiced Dentistry i n Toledo, Ohio, where his emphasis is full mouth reconstruction, adjuncted with implantology.   >>More